The tree chapels- Chiesa del Gesù di Casa Professa - Palermo

The tree chapels

"The three side Chaples"
The museum route starts by entering through a gate at the centre of the balustrade. This gives access to the central apse with its wonderful artistic apparatus. We invite you to reflect on the works of the central apse at the end of the museum.
From there you can also access the side chapels: Chapel of Sant'Anna, on the left (see photo next), of the Holy Family, by Giacomo serpotta, with the fantastic marble paliotto mischi
and San Luigi Gonzaga on the right.
The first nucleus of Jesuits settled in Palermo in 1549 and was initially housed in other churches in the city. Beginning in 1553 he settled at the ancient Basilian convent dedicated to Our Lady of the Grotto, which stood on the site of the present Church and precisely where today is the Chapel of Sant'Anna. The balustrade is made of green agate, now very rare. On both sides there are two theaters: on the left Joachim and Anne, genuflected, invoke God a son, while we see the eternal Father, surrounded by angels, with Mary child in her breast; on the right they thank God for having received Mary.
In the chapel of St. Joseph or of the Holy Family on the right you can admire the eternal Father surrounded from the angels, work of the Serpotta, like the other stucco of the chapel.
In the Chapel of San Luigi, opposite that of Sant'Anna, it is also shaped like a small temple surmounted by a dome.