Museum- Chiesa del Gesù di Casa Professa - Palermo


"The Museum of Casa Professa"
The historical and artistic heritage of the Museum of Casa Professa is made up of paintings, sculptures and decorative art from the Church of Jesus and the House attached, from various Sicilian colleges of the Company, but also from private donations. Through these important works of art it is possible to recreate the very history of the Order, its complex culture steeped in profound symbolic references, but also the very history of Palermo and its religious identity.

The museum route consists of four chapels one more beautiful than the other, the central abyss, the sacristy, the crypt and six halls in three different floors, accessible also with a lift.
The route starts by entering through a gate in the middle of the balustrade.
You can visit the three side chapels and from there cross the central apse. Our invitation is to pause on the explanation of his wonderful parades at the end of the museum route. It’s the icing on a cake of unmistakable value.
We propose this route (click on the script)
The three side chapels.
The Sacresty.
Room of Saint Ignatius or of the paliotti.
Room of the Crucifix.
Sala La Farina, Room La Farina.
The Crypt.
First floor (accessible by stairs or elevator).
Sala La Nuza.
Second floor (accessible by stairs or elevator).
Room of the majolica.
Oratory of Saturday or the Serpotta with its entrance hall.
Returning to the Church:
Central Apse of the church.
And then begins the wonderful journey with photographs and explanations of many works of inestimable value.